About Me

My name is Geoff, your average male in his thirties, with a thirst for knowledge. I hold a few things close to my heart – my family, friends, hobbies, and fantasies. And everyone who knows me knows that I will not shut up when it comes to cryptos and casino games. Yes, I gamble, but not quite in the way that you think. Let me take you down memory lane to see how my love for gaming and virtual currencies came to be.

The Crypto Way

When Satoshi Nakamoto first came up with the Bitcoin concept, I admit that I was one of the skeptical people across the globe. I remember having long conversations with my friends about it. Back then, I had just started working in a finance firm where most of my tasks revolved around research. During coffee breaks, I would stand by the coffee maker, intent on brewing a strong cup of coffee and proving my knowledge on things I knew little or nothing about. One of these topics was Bitcoin.

My friend, Lenny, was convinced that it would work and had invested some money in it. I shrugged off his point of view, thinking that he was investing in a get-rich-quick scheme that would see him lose his savings. In the months that followed, I became more interested in what Satoshi had done, paying attention to how beautiful his system was. By this time, I was no longer standing hands crossed as I listened to Lenny.

I was now sitting on the stools, sipping my coffee, and trying to understand where it was going. Having handled financial reports for a long time, I knew that fiat currencies had loopholes nobody was quite addressing. We glazed over such matters, but I was no longer comfortable with being quiet. And Lenny’s path was looking more and more interesting by the day.

Wallet for crypto currencies

The day I dipped into my savings to buy some digital currencies is one I will not forget. It was around the time that bitcoin faucets had come up, offering quite good amounts to those interested in the action. Looking back, I realize that I should have gone in harder on this investment and taken advantage of such offers. But that is the thing with life. If you do not grab opportunities as they arise, you can miss out. By the time I made my investment, this crypto was fast gaining traction and was set to go places. And here we are, a decade later, with many other cryptos coming into the market and making huge strides. I am still working in finance, having started my firm with Lenny and another friend Daphne. While we focus on fiat currencies, we do not hesitate to advise our clients on cryptos.

I understand the skeptical look that they often give me at first, not entirely understanding why I think cryptos are safe investments. I gave the same look to Lenny before buying into his way of thinking. And boy, am I glad I did. It’s been years of ups and downs, and I believe that the journey has just begun.

Geoff the Gamer

As a kid, I was quite the nerdy one, or so my friends would refer to me. While they were out playing with their bikes, I would be indoors playing some games. I am sure you can think of or remember what games were back in the day. The pixels and graphics were something else, but that was the best I had ever seen. I would play video games from morning till dusk, occasionally glancing at my friends who could not imagine being indoors all this while. They would return to their homes exhausted, and my parents would come home to me passed out in front of the TV. It became a norm, so much so that people half expected me to venture into IT.

Boy playing video games

Even now, people still ask me why I have not ventured into e-sports, which I have tried, to be honest. But my path took a different turn in high school when I first came across card games. These were different from the video games I had become accustomed to playing. The level of skill needed here and the aspect of luck appealed to me. I would spend hours trying to perfect my play, only for some lucky player to walk away with the winnings.

At the time, we would play for a few bucks. The wagers grew bigger, casinos went online, and I finally had the platform I needed to go big or go home. I did neither; choosing to be moderate in my approach. I have made losses, and I have big wins to my name. From baccarat to poker to blackjack, casino games appeal to me a great deal. And now that I can finally play from the comfort of my phone, the games keep getting better.
Add the fact that I can wager using cryptos, and it feels like the world finally makes sense.

I believe in innovations and emerging trends that offer convenience to both operators and players. As such, I readily embrace online gaming and cryptos; while taking caution, given the many fraudsters in the market. In this site, I will show you the ins and outs I have learned over the years, enabling you to benefit from these benefits while staying safe. Welcome to my gaming haven!