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While bitcoin gambling has taken the market by a storm, some people are still hesitant as to whether it is the best way to approach placing wagers. And if you are feeling unsure of whether you should embrace it, you are on the right track. The thing is, there are many grey areas in bitcoin gambling, which pose significant risks to players, more so in the United States. As of yet, there haven’t been any arrests pertaining to bitcoin gambling.

But that does not mean that your state will not take a hard line compared to other regions. As such, you must ensure that the casinos you choose can protect your funds and have the necessary licensing. Otherwise, the site can shut down and take your money with it. It comes down to you as the player to find ways in which you can mitigate these risks. As much as gambling is fun, it can also see you lose all your winnings in one move. With that in mind, here is a guide to the sites you can trust with your money and the selection process in play.


How should you choose a casino? Well, the mandatory thing should be that the site can accept players from your country. Without this, you expose yourself to a myriad of risks that can see you lose it all. The sites covered in this piece accept players from the US, making them a great choice.

The second factor should be whether the site accepts bitcoin as a form of payment. That way, you can make deposits and withdrawals anonymously. The thing is that site owners have caught on to this need, but not all are genuine. Some will state that they are open to crypto, while in the real sense, they are out to get your details. Once you sign up, you end up realizing that you got duped and have to find another way to place your wagers. To prevent this, you should always do some research before depositing any funds.

Working with crypto can be a bit tricky in the beginning (Check out how crypto casinos work). For this reason, you should work with a site that provides customer service round the clock. That way, if you encounter any problems, you can look forward to seeking help from professional staff. Looking at reviews will give you a glimpse of what you can expect when things go wrong.

Exchange crypto currency.
It is one thing to make a deposit and an entirely different case when making a withdrawal. While the site may allow crypto deposits, you may find that you cannot withdraw your money via bitcoin. That would create a problematic situation, prompting you to add another payment method to get hold of your earnings. Not only would that be inconvenient, but it can also rack up the withdrawal fees. Usually, bitcoin withdrawals should be fast and incur no or minimal fees.

The security of the site also matters. Where a site has loopholes in its safety measures, you end up exposed to fraudsters and scammers who can make away with your money. Look into the security policies of your preferred sites and see how these work with your goals. You will find that some sites will entice you with bonuses and limits but cannot protect your funds.

Are there other payment options? If you strictly want to use BTC, you may not need another option. But where you are open to using other forms of payment, a BTC restriction could work against you. Find out if the site is open to other methods before signing up for an account.

And, of course, there is the issue of bonuses and rewards. Most sites offer a range of rewards to new and returning customers. Before signing up, ensure that you are getting a great deal. Also, look into the terms and conditions relating to the reward. The wagering requirements could be too high, giving you little in return.

Suitable Sites

Here are some sites that could interest you, all of which operate in the US, and have amazing terms:


Fortune Jack's logo. This site offers a broad range in games, boasts of excellent customer support and allows access via the site or mobile app. Additionally, it has fast payouts coupled with continuing bonuses and promotions. It has regulation from Curacao and allows BTC deposits to a minimum of 0.1 mBTC. You do not need ID details to sign up and can make do with an email account. How great is that!


TrustDice's logo.If you want to play anonymously, you can count on this site, which offers more than 2,000 games. Signing up is fast and easy and allows you to get in on the unique bonuses and promotions. It features regulation from Curacao and allows BTC deposits with a minimum of 0.001 BTC. No ID details are necessary, and you can play instantly as needed.


BetChain's logo.This site offers both traditional and rare games and supports a wide range of languages. You will love that it supports multiple currencies, offers fantastic bonuses, and has a fast signup process. With regulation from Curacao, it accepts a minimum of 0.0001 BTC. Note that an identity check is necessary when signing up to this site.


1xBit's logo.With a wide variety of games and an intuitive interface and wonderful bonuses, this casino is a dream come true for gamblers. It requires a minimum deposit of 1 mBTC and requires an ID check.

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